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ME17 2ET within neighbourhood Maidstone 011B 

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ME17 2ET is within your neighbourhood Maidstone 011B in your area Maidstone 011 in Maidstone local authority in the South East region. Note that some statistical boundaries were redrawn following the 2011 Census, so this map may not reflect the one shown on other Summary tabs.

What is it like in your neighbourhood?

How does your neighbourhood or area compare with your local authority, or with England as a whole?

This Neighbourhood Summary provides information about your area to help answer these questions. It provides a range of statistics, and by clicking on the tabs at the top of the screen you can choose what interests you.

The figures on this tab are from the 2011 Census and are for your neighbourhood, often compared with a larger area. All other tabs contain data from official administrative sources, and are the most recent available on Neighbourhood Statistics.

The 2011 Census asked people to describe their general health over the preceding 12 months as 'very good', 'good', 'fair', 'bad' or 'very bad'.

People's general health, March 2011

VariableMeasureYour neighbourhood Maidstone England
Very good %48.548.147.2
Good %
Fair %10.912.413.1
Bad %
Very bad %

The Census also asked people whether they were providing unpaid care to family, friends or neighbours with long-term physical or mental health problems. This gave the following results:

Carers, March 2011

VariableMeasureYour neighbourhood Maidstone England
People providing unpaid care %

The 2011 Census asked people about their working lives.

Economic activity in your neighbourhood, March 2011

Economic chart Maidstone 011B 
Economically inactive: Other 
Value: 1.2 Maidstone 011B 
Permanently sick / disabled 
Value: 1.0 Maidstone 011B 
Looking after home / family 
Value: 4.2 Maidstone 011B 
Value: 2.7 Maidstone 011B 
Value: 16.0 Maidstone 011B 
Full-time student 
Value: 1.5 Maidstone 011B 
Value: 1.6 Maidstone 011B 
Value: 18.7 Maidstone 011B 
Full-time Employees 
Value: 37.6 Maidstone 011B 
Part-time Employees 
Value: 15.5


  1. The Local Economy tab of this Neighbourhood Summary shows overall employment, unemployment and economic activity rates, taken from the most recent official sources. The chart, above, supplements this information, showing further detail, as recorded at the time of the 2011 Census. The figures are not directly comparable, due to the different time periods.
  1. Part-time employees worked 30 hours, or less, a week.

Occupations of all people in employment, March 2011

VariableMeasureYour neighbourhood Maidstone England
Managers, directors and senior officials %16.712.110.9
Professional occupations %16.916.417.5
Associate professional and technical occupations %15.414.112.8
Administrative and secretarial occupations %11.912.511.5
Skilled trades occupations %15.912.011.4
Caring, leisure and other service occupations %
Sales and customer service occupations %
Process, plant and machine operatives %
Elementary occupations %6.510.611.1
Qualifications held by people in your neighbourhood, March 2011

The chart, below, shows percentages of people aged 16 and over in your neighbourhood by their highest qualification.

Bar chart  Maidstone 011B
Other qualifications/level unknown
 Value: 4.1  Maidstone 011B
Degree or higher, or equivalent
 Value: 30.9  Maidstone 011B
2 or more 'A' levels, or equivalent
 Value: 11.0  Maidstone 011B
 Value: 4.9  Maidstone 011B
5 or more GCSEs grade A-C, or equivalent
 Value: 16.6  Maidstone 011B
1-4 GCSEs any grade, or equivalent
 Value: 12.9  Maidstone 011B
No formal qualifications
 Value: 19.6

For more information about your neighbourhood please see other Summary tabs.

Source: Office for National Statistics