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Area: Ickenham (Ward) 

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Area: Ickenham (Ward)

Area: Ickenham (Ward)

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Usual Resident Population, 2001 (KS01)

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VariableMeasureIckenham Hillingdon (London Borough) London England
2001 Population: All people (Persons)1 Count9,933243,0067,172,09149,138,831
2001 Population: Males (Persons)1 Count4,852117,4613,468,79323,922,144
2001 Population: Females (Persons)1 Count5,081125,5453,703,29825,216,687
People living in households (Persons)1 Count9,880238,7777,078,63248,248,150
People living in households (Persons)1 %99.4798.2698.7098.19
People living in communal establishments (Persons)1 Count534,22993,459890,681
People living in communal establishments (Persons)1 %0.531.741.301.81
Area (hectares) (Areas)1 Count6212 11,570157,20513,027,872
2001 Density (number of people per hectare) (Persons)1 Rate~21.0045.623.77
Number of students away from home (Persons)1 Count1782,16665,477486,829
Last Updated: 09 August 2006
Source: Office for National Statistics

1 National Statistics
2 Value derived by aggregating data supplied using the Neighbourhood Statistics Geography Hierarchy