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Area: Aylesbury (Parish) 

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Area: Aylesbury (Parish)

Area: Aylesbury (Parish)

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Key Figures for 2011 Census: Key Statistics


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VariableMeasureAylesbury Aylesbury Vale (Non-Metropolitan District) South East England
2011 Population: All Usual Residents (Persons, Mar11)1 Count58,7403 174,1378,634,75053,012,456
2011 Population: Males (Persons, Mar11)1 Count29,2983 86,2414,239,29826,069,148
2011 Population: Females (Persons, Mar11)1 Count29,4423 87,8964,395,45226,943,308
2011 Density (number of persons per hectare) (Persons, Mar11)1 Rate~
All Households (Households, Mar11)1 Count23,2363 69,4063,555,46322,063,368
All households who owned their accommodation outright (Households, Mar11)1 2 %~31.132.530.6
All households who owned their accommodation with a mortgage or loan (Households, Mar11)1 2 %~40.535.132.8
Very Good Health (Persons, Mar11)1 %~51.449.047.2
Good Health (Persons, Mar11)1 %~34.234.634.2
Day-to-Day Activities Limited a Lot (Persons, Mar11)1 %~
Economically Active; Employee; Full-Time (Persons, Mar11)1 %~43.240.438.6
Economically Active; Employee; Part-Time (Persons, Mar11)1 %~14.013.813.7
Economically Active; Self-Employed (Persons, Mar11)1 %~12.311.09.8
Economically Active; Unemployed (Persons, Mar11)1 %~
People aged 16 and over with 5 or more GCSEs grade A-C, or equivalent (Persons, Mar11)1 %~16.515.915.2
People aged 16 and over with no formal qualifications (Persons, Mar11)1 %~17.419.122.5
Source: Office for National Statistics

1 National Statistics
2 The Census asked respondents to identify who their landlord is and the results reflect the responses they gave. In the past decade half of the local authorities in Wales have transferred the management of all their local authority housing stock to other social landlords. Individuals responding to the Census will report their understanding of their landlord and this may not reflect the actual management arrangements in all cases.
3 Value derived by aggregating data supplied using the Neighbourhood Statistics Geography Hierarchy