What are the average earnings where you work?

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In April 2013 London topped the regional list for median full-time gross earnings, at £658 per week. Employees here earned £121 more per week than the next highest, the South East (£537) and £140 more than the median for the whole of the UK (£517). Northern Ireland (£460) was at the bottom of the regional list, with the North East (£470) and Wales (£472) completing the bottom three.

Between 1997 (the first year for which data are available) and 2013 Scotland saw the largest percentage increase in median gross weekly earnings, with an overall rise of 69 per cent. Over this period London has consistently topped the regional earnings list followed by the South East. The North East, Wales and Northern Ireland have generally had the lowest pay levels across the regions over the last 16 years.

At the local authority level earnings vary significantly across Great Britain. In April 2013 full-time employees working in City of London had the highest median gross weekly earnings (£950) and those working in Rother had the lowest (£366). The interactive map below allows you to see the average earnings in the area where you work. Choose a category to see how the average earnings in your area compare to other areas in Great Britain.

One drawback of using traditional chloropleth maps to display data is that urban areas with high numbers of jobs are displayed very small on maps. These traditional maps can therefore highlight patterns in the areas where few people work. In contrast cartograms represent areas in relation to their population size. In this case the cartogram is scaled to the number of jobs in each area.

Median gross weekly earnings by place of work, Great Britain, April 2013