2010-based National Population Projections

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More about National Population Projections

National population projections (NPPs) are produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on behalf of the National Statistician and the Registrars General for Scotland and Northern Ireland. They provide projections of the future size and age structure of the population for the UK and its constituent countries. The NPPs are National Statistics, which means that they undergo regular quality assurance reviews and are produced free from political interference.

The NPPs are based on the latest available mid-year population estimates and a set of demographic assumptions about future fertility, mortality and migration based on analysis of trends and expert advice. They are not forecasts and do not attempt to predict the impact that future government policies, changing economic circumstances, or other factors, might have on demographic behaviour. Projections become increasingly uncertain the further they are carried forward due to the inherent uncertainty of demographic behaviour.

The variant projections are produced to provide users with alternative future scenarios were different demographic trends to occur.

For more information about the NPPs, please see the documentation at: www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/npp/national-population-projections/2010-based-projections/index.html
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